About the Artist

 My name Jonny J Petros - This blog is about my love of rococo style , my paintings and home décor. As a painter, my journey began as a young child, with drawing, lead to my work as a commissioned portrait painter , commercial freelance artist and muralist for private homes and public buildings . A contemporary artist for over 30 years I am recognized for my romantic representational paintings having received awards and honors for original works of art . I have never gone to school for art, earlier in life I had always wished I did, but now after thirty some years of painting my philosophy of art is the best teacher is what an artist can see with his own eyes, if he can have confidence in that and passion for what he does he can create a work of art.. Seeing and appreciating the real beauty of life, in nature, has always influenced me to want to paint . My work is my own idealized views and poetic sentiments, always hoping that I am able to leave with a finished painting the joy and happiness I feel while creating it . I work with fine acrylic pigments and use a palette of pleasing colors that give harmony and luminosity to my paintings. Rococo is a style that I have always loved because of the grandeur, the grace and beauty of the period influenced my own home décor style of decorating . You can see more of my work on my sites jonnypetros.com and royalrococo.com
My home is in Pennsylvania where I live with my husband Michael .


My work can also be seen at my painting website, Salone Di Petros